Bug Games

Clear your screen of creepy-crawly critters to win this fast-paced battle of the bugs! Tag bugs to take them out and raise your score. Squish more bugs and earn more points!

Wipe out multiple bugs in a single swipe with combinations you can unlock and available power-ups, but watch the time! It takes a combination of skill and speed to elevate your score and climb the ladder of Bug Rush success to the top!

Bug Rush IOS Version

Fantastic reviews from the users:

“Really cool game. Great graphics, nice sound effects and easy to play…Very challenging game.”

“This is not only a very cute game it’s really fun to play as well…I recommend it…”

“Very fun to play!!! Great graphics and interface. Bright colors with exciting gameplay! Bugs Games Free Online, Bugs Games Free Download, Bug Games Ant War, Bug Games Android, Bugs Killing Games, Bug Maze Games, Bugs New Games.

The rush is on!

Bugs Splash at Google Play

A game to find multiple matching patterns vertically or horizontally with various types of Bugs and challenges!

Game consists of 100 levels with a target point and difficulty growing to the next level. Levels are never short of surprises and new elements!

Smash the Ant

Smash All the ants through the game and save the fruits! Try not to hit the bee’s , because they’re your friends ! Do as many points as possible to beat your high score!

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